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It needn't cost a fortune - simply follow these proven techniques and a $500 investment now can deliver $5000 or more in your home's sales price. Everything looks brighter and the window coverings are more attractive when the windows are clean. Mow the lawn frequently; weed the gardens and repair any fixtures (lamp posts, mailbox or birdbath). During a showing, let the sun shine in by opening the drapes and blinds. Pack your personal mementos, pictures and family heirlooms away. All these items can be picked up cheaply from DIY warehouses. . A well-kept garden, pathway and fence are immediately appealing to home buyers. An answering machine with Caller ID is ideal, so you can return the call when you return back home. Replace half-used soap with new bars. Let your home keep selling itself even when you're not home. A room looks much cozier with table lamps rather than bright general lighting. 1) Clear the Clutter! - Buyers will quickly be turned off to China PVC sheets manufacturers a cluttered and crowded home. Use a self storage facility's storage unit to hold your items because an empty-looking attic, basement and garage make the entire house seem larger. 6) The Kitchen and Baths Sell the Home! - A scrupulously clean kitchen and sparkling bathrooms are a must when selling your home. People will look!

For the bath, a special "home-showing" set of fresh towels can help to freshen up the room before a viewing. But in truth, most buyers simply like the smell of a freshly cleaned and aired room. 5) Do You Do Windows? - Clean every window in your home. Close the blinds and turn on extra lights for night showings. 8) Hiding your Stuff - During a showing, narrow down your prospects by asking if they're pre-qualified for a mortgage equal to your asking price. Avoid cooking foods such as fish or curry before a viewing as the smell will linger. Some buyers judge the whole house by the condition of the oven/stove top. Food areas must be clean and fresh. Keep personal items (razors, toothbrushes, shampoos) out of site but keep a couple of quality products on display. Choose cleaning products with a 'natural' rather than a harsh chemical smell. Items sitting on horizontal surfaces should be kept to a minimum. Let the buyer envision their belongings in your house. Pack and store knickknacks, collections, and extra furniture or appliances to make your rooms feel open and spacious. Before a buyer has even stepped out of their car, they have formed an impression. Hide the kitty litter and ask your neighbor to look after the pets during the showing. Even if you're taking the refrigerator with you, it must be spotless. 7) Fresh Flowers and a Fresh Scent - The smell of freshly baked cookies conjure the feeling of "home" during a showing. 4) It Sells Itself! - Record an answering machine message with the full details of your home. "Clear the Clutter" and make your home look and feel more spacious. You'll get your maximum price in the minimum time if your home and property look their best. Open the windows every day to bring fresh air into the house. 2) A View from the Curb - Curb appeal does sell homes.Sell your home in days, not months and get your full asking price to boot! The following are eight proven techniques that Real Estate Agents charge 6% to tell you. Be sure any squeaky hinges are oiled and insure the doorbell's proper operation. 3) The Front Door Makes The First Impression - A clean or freshly painted front door with clean glass will welcome the home buyer. No home is perfect and you're not hiding anything by keeping your comments to yourself. After asking a few questions, let the buyer inspect your home on their own. Revitalize a tired bathroom with a green leafy plant and new taps, shower curtain and light pull. Kitchen counters must be clean and uncluttered; pantry and cabinets organized; all appliances must be spic and span. Also, never apologize for the appearance of your home. Real Estate agents nationwide suggest the use of self-storage facilities to accomplish this important "De-Clutter" process.